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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day Three

Brandon called me last night (yesterday morning his time. Wow, 13 hours apart is odd...). It was nice to hear his voice!! It hadn't been too long, but I always love to get a call from him. I was in the commissary, though, so I had to stop and talk for ten minutes. Then as I'm walking to check out, I ran over a lady's foot... whoops...

He then Skyped (is that a verb?) me. It was about bed time, but I don't mind staying up for him! He's safe at his first destination and though he's sleepy, he's feeling pretty good. He'll be moving to his permanent spot sooner than we thought. That's good for us because he can get set up with reliable internet then. Yay!

I feel like I should be feeling different. I hear stories of spouses who are a complete wreck or are taking it really hard since their husband left. I'm just not like that and it makes me feel like I'm wrong, like I don't miss my husband! Yes, I miss my husband, but I'm not a wreck over it. I haven't cried since he left (other than right when I dropped him off). I haven't even felt like I miss him! Am I wrong? I dunno.

I do miss him. Right before bed I get this twinge in my belly. That's that missing him feeling... but I don't have it all the time. I'm adjusting well. Maybe I just need to wait awhile before I miss him? I want to feel normal ya know?

Anyway, life's good so far. Only day three. Dexter thinks he runs the house now though...


  1. I think everyone deals with separation differently, and no it's not wrong that you don't miss him much at this point, day 3! Like I said...for me it takes me a few days to adjust to a new routine without him, but that's just me. And then depending on how long he is gone i have both good and not so good days.

    I'm guessing that for you, you'll be great, until you pass the point of the longest time you've been away from each other, or maybe when you haven't heard anything from him for a longer period then you're used to, then it'll hit you, and you'll get your chance to feel 'normal' :) But that's just my two cents :) You're doing great!!


  2. Glad you got to talk to him! And skype with him!! That's great! And I don't think you are strange - I was never a complete wreck either. I cried a ton right after he left and that was it (until a few weeks later the preggo hormones kicked in and now, a few times each week, around bedtime, the tears like to start coming). And it could always hit you later as well. Hope he gets settled soon so you guys can get some good communication :)

  3. For me, it doesn't really hit me until it hits that "longest mark". For example: Say the longest we have ever been apart was 6 weeks...then 6 weeks and one day I would be a wreck.

  4. You are NOT wrong for how you are feeling. I'm like that too, usually I miss him at night right before bed when it would normally be "our" time. Anyways... some of us don't show how much we miss them as much as others. (Does that make sense?)

  5. I have been feeling the same way. But I had a good friend from back home who has been through deployments tell me she was the same way. And what she said, that made me feel better, was that James and I have a very good relationship that we both feel secure in. We arent like a lot of people who have to worry about cheating or money problems so while yes we miss them we dont have to stress and have all the anxiety of worrying about those things. Of course we will have our days where we get emotional, like watching a romantic movie and thinking "I wish my love was here", but for the most part we arent stressing out b/c we dont have anything to worry about! Hope that makes you feel better :)

  6. You aren't wrong. I know with me, I always think I'm going to be a terrible wreck when separation comes, and then when it does it's not as bad as I expected...and I feel guilty, too. I think the build-up is so bad that the actual event is something of a relief....


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