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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day Thirteen

Remember my friend Courtney from yesterdays post? With the inducing and all? Well, she had her baby today at 4:43pm! He's 5lbs 11oz (so tiny compared to Michelle's baby at 10lbs 1oz!) and such a cutie. He has the cutest little whiny cry, and he's so skinny, but he looks just like his dad!

Anyway, here's a pic with Connor David and I.

Notice my beautiful hair... well, I had spin class and then afterwards, I needed to drive Courtney's grandma and brother to the hospital. Right before having a quick shower and doing my hair, Brandon comes online! Of course, we needed to talk. We webcammed for a bit (his internet has been down lately, I also got to talk for a bit right when I woke up) and then I had to force myself off. Today I had so many opportunities to chat with Brandon, but hardly any time! And by the looks of the picture, I didn't have time to fix my hair. So it was pigtails and headbands for Chantal today.

Anyway, today was busy. After she had the baby I went back to the hospital with Christina to see him. Other than hospital runs, I needed to send Brandon's care packages. Except I couldn't because I needed to buy Brandon a new PT shirt, and the guy who runs the battalion store wasn't there today. Um, annoying, because he said I could come today. He better be there tomorrow so I can send these packages!!

Wow, I'm tired. Tomorrow is another busy day. I decided to stay up and watch When in Rome so Dex can run around a bit, he's hyper.

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