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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day Sixteen

Since I'm super tired, this will probably be a short post!

Today was a good day. I spoke to Brandon for an hour in the morning and then half an hour at night. That's the most I've talked to him in one day since he left. It was so nice to be able to chat with him, ask questions, laugh, make him laugh, and just be us. The boys (Dexy and Winny, of course) loved seeing him. Well, he liked seeing them, I don't even know if they knew what was going on!

To add to the happiness, I got my remotes programmed for my car keys, finally. Since Brandon lost our keys in the ocean a month and a half ago I've been needing to program the new ones. Well, they're programmed. I also went into the battalion HQ and spoke to the Rear D CO, who knows us, and he said he'd let us know when more PT shirts were coming in. Great. I mailed our photos to our families too!

I had dinner with Christina at Genki Sushi then we made a stop at Lowe's before heading back. At her house, since she's lost a whole ton of weight from having a baby (who would've thought?) she let me go through some of her old work clothes. I now own a bunch of really nice dress pants and a few skirts! Yay. Later in the afternoon, I went with Michelle to Courtney's house to visit. We put Nolan (10lbs and 2 weeks old today) next to Connor (5lbs and 3 days old) and he looks so huge. We were all cracking up! It was nice to see all my friends though.

TV shows, webcamming, eating leftovers and watching Creation (a movie about Charles Darwin) rounded out my day. I did some writing in there too. It was nice to sort of relax, though I'm really looking forward to Canada when I won't have hardly any responsibilities. I need some inspiration too... my mind has been blanking and I want some ideas for stories! I have a few short story contests I want to enter, but no stories to give them. Let's hope!

Look at that, I'm always long winded, even when I'm exhausted! Goodnight everyone!

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