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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day Seventeen

I've done well keeping up with this blog! I actually look forward to writing it at night and think about what I want to talk about. I don't want to bore you with every detail of my life, so I think of topics to write about.

Right now? I wish I could speak to Brandon. We didn't get to talk this morning (his night) when we usually talk, so I doubt we'll get a chance tonight (his morning). I just had a rough day at work - messing up transactions, losing money, making silly mistakes for no reason - and I wish he could cheer me up with his pretty face. Yeah, he has a pretty face. :D

Tonight is my big night, though. Tonight is the last time I take my birth control pills! Yay! So, my last real pill is tomorrow night, but I decided to stop tonight because it's the end of the week, so the end of my pills. I'm pretty excited. I'm going to start charting my cycles and getting ready for this baby making stuff whenever Brandon gets back. Exciting! I'm also excited to lose some weight. I think this BC made me gain like 5-10lbs. Let's hope some of it goes away. I am worried about my acne. I have bad acne as it is, so when I get off these hormones it might explode. Anyone have experience with this? Or getting off BC all together?

One last question....

Do you guys have good, healthy meal ideas that I can freeze and take out easily? All I can think of is spaghetti sauce, chili and mac & cheese. I appreciate any input!

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  1. I got off BC right before Joe left. Probably wasn't the smartest idea ever because my emotions were OFF THE CHARTS. But, I have noticed that my acne is worse than it has been. I was soooo worried that "Aunt Flo" wouldn't make her appearance this month because I've been on the pill for so long, but she came early [along with terrible cramps]! I'm not sure about the whole charting my cycle thing, though. Joe won't really talk to me about the baby-making. All he said was that he was ok with me going off the pill. =)


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