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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day One Cont.

(Again, scheduled.)

Thanks for reading the first Day One post! I wrote that right after dropping Brandon off. I felt the need to get it all out and while I contemplated not publishing it, I think I should.

Today was a good day. OK, it was a tired day. I didn't go to sleep until after 2am and then Dexter woke me up several times starting at around 7am. (My mom says that's what happens when you have babies, hehe). He's chewing on a new bone I bought him today. Anyway, I dragged myself out of bed and had an easy morning before showering and going on a walk with my friend Courtney. Then it was haircut time!

I love haircuts. Nothing is better than a good haircut. My hairdresser is great and she knows how to make my hair look fantastic. It was about time to have a haircut, anyway, and I decided to do it today because Brandon likes it when I have "long" hair, so I resisted cutting it until he left. It's a nice treat, too. My bangs are short again and my hair is in a pretty bob! Yay!

The afternoon saw Courtney and I shopping and then going to dinner with Christina. Now I'm watching TV in one of Brandon's t-shirts (I threw it on last night for bedtime) and about to watch a movie I got. I think it might be an early night!


  1. Hang in there, girl! My husband's been gone Almost a Month! Hooray! Let's get this thing over with :)

    Great to find another mliitary blogging lady! ♥

    * *

  2. You sound like you're doing great. Getting lots of sleep helps time pass....

  3. This post sounded upbeat and happy, though I am sure at moments today it wasn't! I'm a Navy wife and every time my husband leaves for an underway it always takes me at least 3 days before I start to feel normal again! We're looking at our first official deployment in the very near future, and I'm glad that I have found your blog and can go through this with you from the beginning!!

    Jen @


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