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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day Fourteen

I haven't sent Brandon his packages yet... why? 1) I didn't have his address until earlier this week. 2) He asked me to get him a PT shirt. Now, you're probably thinking, that's pretty easy to get! Well, not for his battalion. No, they have a special black PT shirt you can buy only from them for twenty dollars. Brandon had only bought 2 (I told him to buy more!) and now, he wants one.

So, I call Rear D to ask them how I go about getting it. They say "It's easy! Just come by battalion HQ and ask for Specialist Soandso and he can help you." Ok, I go Tuesday, he's not there. Ugh. Then I go today, and he's still not there, but other guys offer to find me one and take my cash anyway because I'm getting irritated (PMS?). We go into the office and the guy looks for a shirt and all they have is XXL. Well, there ya go. So I still don't have one. If I don't get one by Friday, I'm sending these packages without and Brandon will have to wait. Sorry, babe!

A unit just got back from a 10 month deployment to Iraq. It got me excited for Brandon's homecoming! I know it's like forever away, but my tummy wrenched in an excited way and it got me hoping. I just can't wait until I see him again! It's definitely the big gift at the end of this year, huh? Thank goodness for R&R in between.

I visited my friend Michelle today. Nolan is looking great! She's getting into a rhythm and doing very well herself. She said the sweetest thing to me, though, and it was so touching, I need to share. She told me how great of a friend I am and that she's so lucky to have become friends with me. She told me I was the sweetest and most thoughtful too! I was touched. :) Thanks Michelle!

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