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Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Fifteen

Um, I'm not cool with this house making creepy sounds. First, the dog slams the cat against the wall (not an unusual occurrence) and it sounded like someone was upstairs. Then I heard the floors creak. Ugh, just stop it house!

Two weeks in!! That means 50 weeks left. What can I do 50 of? Well, I know I can make 50 Christmas cookies. How about more than that? I made 6 different types of cookies for Christmas last year, baked for 8 hours (for reals), and then ate them for like a month. It was a good month.

I just got back from Buca di Beppo. If you haven't been to it, definitely check it out. It's a great restaurant! My coworkers do a Gourmet Gals (yeah, we're all girls in the office) and this month, it was Buca. I said I'd go and invited my friend to go with me. Well, my friend ended up being sick and suddenly I had that feeling like I didn't want to go. I get like this sometimes. It must be a social anxiety thing. Anyway, Brandon usually helps me out with this (I force him to go places, he forces me, it works) but of course, how was I supposed to talk to him? Luckily my sister stays up late and I texted her. She told me to go. I did! It was fun! Though I was stuffed in a corner for most of it...

With my friends having babies, I'm getting some baby fever. Kind of a bad time, huh? Anyway, we can't start trying until Brandon gets back (obviously) so I gotta push that thought from my mind!

Oh, and that darn PT Shirt won the battle this time around! Brandon might be getting a new job and moving to a whole other FOB, so I have to wait on sending those packages. Until next week. So PT Shirt: 1, Chantal: 0. I'm waiting!

I'm tired. Did I mention before that Dex wakes me up promptly at 6:30am? Unless I'm not already awake. I hear him get up, trot to my side of the bed and then scratch until I wake up. I sometimes tell him to shut up and lay down, but I've been torturing myself by getting up early. What can I say? I'm a morning person! Even if I went to be after 11...

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  1. My house is making creepy sounds too!! I'm sure part of it is my [strange] neighbors making noise, but I'm still baffled by the running water in the tub sound I heard a couple days ago. Who knows. Buca is YUMMY!! I'm sure it's a better idea to go there with a group than with just 4 people. Those portions are HUGE!!!


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