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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day Eleven

Hey everyone! So as I creep closer to 50 followers I realize I need to get that prize soon. I keep telling this to my friend Christina, I'm sure she's tired of hearing it, haha. I also told her she wasn't eligible. ;) Just joking, Christina, everyone's eligible! When I get this going, anyway.

I'm so happy that my husband reads my blog. Hi Brandon! How are you? I think he's eating breakfast, or in a meeting, or something, right now. It's so weird being 13 hours apart. I mean, as I'm going to bed, he's getting started with his day. When I ask him how his day is going, it's just the beginning of mine. It's surreal that, when I begin a day, he's ending the same day. Sort of like time travel, huh? Just him being in Iraq is surreal. I just can't wrap my mind around it. It just feels like a dream. I know I have a husband, I know he's far away, but Iraq of all places? Who would've thought.

So, tired of the dog hair on the couch where Dexter lays, I placed a blanket there. Since then, when I let him on the couch, he either goes to the chair or he sneaks behind me (if I'm sitting up) and lays down right where I lay...

Today was a good day. I went to the farmer's market with Christina and bought a bunch of fresh veggies, yum! Afterwards we headed down to Pearl Harbor to attend a casting call for a new movie called Battleship to be filmed in Hawaii. All we had to do is fill out a form and get our picture taken. I hope I get called to be an extra! How cool would that be?

After a trip to the NEX and then to Ross (where I bought Brandon some stuff for a care package. I still have room... what to get, what to get, hmm), we went home. I guess we get tired easy, haha. I did have to make a run to the PX to buy more stuff and then to the commissary to get what I couldn't at the farmer's market.

When I got home, I installed a new shower head on my guest shower. I wanted a new one that was easier to wash Dexter, since I had been using a cup and it's just difficult! I installed the shower head all by myself, yay. Not that I couldn't, but I know I can. Later I went to Courtney's house to deliver extra muffins I had to her family and I hung out for a bit.

Now? Making some light dinner, watching Design Star, cuddling with my puppy and hopefully Skypeing with Brandon if he comes back to his computer before I go to bed!

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