This is going around the blogging world! Usually I don’t participate in things, but seeing as Christmas week is a slow week in the blogosphere, I thought, why not? Especially since four is my favorite number! 4 names people like to call you other than your real name: 1. Mom/Mommy/Mama 2. Babe/Sweetie 3. Chanty (though I haven’t been called this in awhile.) 4. Chantilly/Chandra/Shaniqua… 4 jobs you’ve had: 1. Cashier at Home Depot 2. Scheduling in the University Center (AKA: Setting up rooms for meetings.) 3. ITR (Info, Tickets, Reservations) worker 4. Doula, of [Continue Reading…]

Penny’s Aquarum Adventure


  Alright, this will be the last post this week about Penny. Probably. But hey, she only has a birthday once a year, might as well live it up! This year we decided to head to the new Lotte Mall Aquarium for Penny’s birthday celebration. We actually went to the other Seoul aquarium last year, but since this one opened a couple months ago, I’ve been dying to check it out. The other aquarium leaves some things to be desired and I had heard this one was awesome. (Spoiler: It was.) [Continue Reading…]

Penny’s 20 Questions (plus 52 Week Project: Weeks 41-44)

November 24: Sometimes it takes 51 photos to get two decent ones. And all the accessories.

I pinned this idea, oh, two years ago, and finally got around to doing it. The idea is to ask your kid the same 20 questions from ages 3 through 18, and see how the answers change. I thought and thought about the questions, and then realized I was a bit too lazy to actually make a book and figure out the questions and all that. And then I realized the lady who I pinned this from originally anyway had her book printed and available for purchase! (In five fun [Continue Reading…]

Happy Birthday, Little Princess


Dear Penny, Today, you are three years old. Happy birthday! This year you were beyond excited for this day and your growing awareness of special days made me just as excited. You spent all of November telling us that your birthday is in December, and as soon as we let you know it was December, you were ready for your special day. Your birthday party was last week. All you wanted to do was blow out candles on your princess birthday cake, complete with a wand and tiara, and it [Continue Reading…]

{True Story: Second Pregnancy} First Trimester Recap!


I think the first trimester is coming to a close. I say think because I have no actual idea when they consider the first trimester over… 12 weeks? 13? I even heard it was like 15 weeks. Whatever. I’m on the downward slope, seeing as I’m 13 weeks on Saturday, and I thought now is as good of a time as ever to update you guys! First, you’ll probably note a few things I’m doing differently this pregnancy. I’m not taking belly photos every week and I’m not posting weekly pregnancy [Continue Reading…]

Penny’s Third Birthday Party


This past Sunday, we celebrated Penny’s third birthday with all our friends! We’ve been planning this party for a few months now with our friends and Penny’s bestie, Braeden. The two are only nine days apart in age, and we have all the same friends, so we figured we would invite everyone and just have a joint party. The kids didn’t mind – I actually think they liked it better because their best friends were there. Our plan was to have a bowling party at the alley on base. We rented [Continue Reading…]

One Year in Korea

One year. Can you believe it? I seriously can’t. It feels like this year has just flown by. Sure, some moments went slow, but then I was blown away as the seasons changed, Penny grew taller, life chugged on and bam! it’s December again. December. I’m proud of the last year. Though it was filled with emotional ups and downs, and lots of time apart from my husband, I feel like we’re all in a good place now. Moving to Korea was terrifying, but so exciting, and now that we’ve been here [Continue Reading…]

Korea Things v.6


We haven’t done one of these in awhile!   — We got a van! It’s kind of a big deal in Korea. You see, families are only authorized one vehicle and have to go through all sorts of processes to apply for a second. Most of my friends have been denied a second vehicle, for this reason or that. Well, we got approved and the next week, we got ourselves a van. Brandon’s coworker was selling it and we snatched it up. I never ever ever EVER thought I would get a [Continue Reading…]

I didn’t know I had Postpartum Anxiety/OCD


I had a feeling that something was wrong with me, but I couldn’t pinpoint it. Actually, now that I’m nearly three years into being a mom and through the fog of my weaning-induced post-partum depression, I can look retrospectively over my actions, my feelings, and the hardest couple of years for me. I thought what I was feeling was normal. At first, in those early weeks of having a newborn where sleep was rare and I was recovering from a major surgery, I chalked up my thoughts and emotions to [Continue Reading…]

December Babies: How to Deal with Birthdays & Holidays


December is Coming. Second only to September in our family, which is a month full of birthdays (four of which are within a week of each other), December is a very busy month in the family. Three people have birthdays within five days – Brandon’s mom, my niece Claire, and of course, Penny – and then bam! Christmas. December is such an exciting month but since Penny came along, it’s taken a bit of logistics to get it down. I was a bit sad to have a December baby, to [Continue Reading…]