Bongeunsa: Temple in the City


Brandon’s sister, Mallory, just left. She hung out with us for a good 89 days (you can be in Korea for 90 days without a visa) but now she’s off to the real world – finding a job, fixing her car, and whatnot. I hope her trip was good here. I know I enjoyed having the extra company when Brandon was gone and to have the help with Penny. Because oh my goodness, it was nice to be able to leave the house at a moment’s notice. Back to the [Continue Reading...]

End of summer thoughts


I can’t believe how quickly this summer has gone. Poof! it’s August, almost September. Kids are off to school, weather should be turning cooler at some point, and a new rhythm is starting. Not here, really, since I have a toddler and our days seem much the same. Though I’m looking forward to September. Penny is starting a two-day preschool with her friends at one of my friend’s houses, giving me some much needed work time and her some social/learning time. I’m mostly doing it for me – I need the [Continue Reading...]

Depression, Anxiety, and Listening to a Friend

What can I say that is different than what others have been saying? What happened early last week sent a shock wave through all of us, I think, not because we knew him but because the act seemed to come out of nowhere and left us with so many questions. How can a man that brings such joy to others and seemed never short of a laugh choose to end his own life? But I know all too well the struggles with depression and anxiety, and when I learned he [Continue Reading...]

Suwon Fortress, Revisited


I love Suwon Fortress. I just think it’s so cool to have this ancient wall wrapping its way through the city, while busses and taxis and people meandering on by like it is the most normal thing. I don’t go into Suwon often, but Saturday I found myself there, and the road I was taking led me right past the wall. It’s been five months since I visited the wall and I had plans on bringing Mallory there before she left (which is only in a few short weeks!) So [Continue Reading...]

52 Week Project: Weeks 25-28


Penny cracks me up. Just a moment ago I was tucking her in for the third time and she pulled me into an awkwardly long kiss, saying “True love kiss.” This girl, this Princess Penny, is obsessed with pink, glitter, and of course, princesses. If she has a choice between green and blue, she chooses pink. If you say, we can play with your horses, you better believe they’re in her castle. A year ago, I never would have guessed. Maybe because I was imprinting on her, expecting her to [Continue Reading...]

A sense of accomplishment?

Brandon had to work all day Saturday. We had big plans to go to the water park and then Friday afternoon he let me know that he had to fly in the morning, but we could go after he got home. Except he didn’t get home until 4pm, and by that time we needed to do dinner and relax and then get the baby in bed. It was hard because of how much I look forward to the weekends. It was hard because he had the car and the stroller, [Continue Reading...]

Adventures in Seoul Land


This past Saturday we went to Seoul Land! Yaaaay! The curiosity about Seoul Land started when we went to the zoo a few weeks ago (huh, I never wrote about that!) Brandon saw the roller coasters in the distance, since the two are located beside each other, and asked what it was. Seoul Land, of course! THE theme park in the city. Duh. Seoul Land is actually located about 30-45 minutes south of the main part of Seoul. Take the subway to Seoul Grand Park on the light blue line [Continue Reading...]

Korea Things v.5


I miss you guys, so I’m going to make an effort to blog at least on Mondays, just to give you an update on our lives over here. There are so many things I’d like to tell you about Korea! Just when you think you’re getting comfortable, something new pops up. This place has been amazing so far and it’s still so weird that we live in Asia. But we love it. Anyway, this post has no real subject, so we will bullet-point this B and get on with it! – It’s [Continue Reading...]

The Weaning Process: The Finish Line


You can read the whole series on The Weaning Process page. It’s been over a year since I announced I was weaning Penny. Procrastinate much, right? I found out that this journey wasn’t going to be an easy journey, that deciding what the first step in about a hundred, that Penny is different from other kids, so it wouldn’t be like weaning another child. But we’re done. I’m happy to say that we’ve reached the end of the road. What took so long anyway? Excuses, excuses, excuses. Vacations happened, sicknesses, [Continue Reading...]

I’m seeing someone

It’s been hard with Brandon gone a lot. I’ve been feeling extremely lonely, even though I keep busy with friends, and extra sensitive. I’ve been feeling some highs and lots of lows. So I started seeing someone. I’m seeing a counselor. (Did I scare you?) I’m a firm believer in keeping up with mental health as well as your physical, and I’m not too good to go talk to someone when I need to. In fact, this is the third time I’ve seen a counselor in the past several years. I [Continue Reading...]