#finalcountdown (and other things)

Here’s your random blog post for the week: 1. New hashtag for this month is #finalcountdown because it’s May 20 and I’m due June 20. That’s just one month, but who’s counting? Not that due dates mean anything. It’s just nice to have a date to look forward to. I know it’s a very accurate date, so I would expect him to arrive around then. I actually think he might come before the actual due date (though hopefully not too early!) I’m thinking anywhere June 15-21. That’s my baby week! 2. [Continue Reading…]

The days are long, but the years are short


I’m getting to that last month of pregnancy and I’m feeling it. I’ve been feeling it for the past few weeks, really. I just hit this pregnancy wall. I’m tired all the dang time. My joints and back hurt, no matter the stretches or rest periods or sleep. Speaking of sleep, it doesn’t help much. I’m just uncomfortable. My belly is sticking out further than I ever imagined, and it still has room to grow. Sometimes, it feels like the baby is going to push his foot straight out the [Continue Reading…]

Maternity & Family Photos!


Happy Mother’s Day! How was yours? It’s still Mother’s Day here as I’m writing this, but I’m taking advantage of the quiet house as my husband took Penny down to the park, and getting out this blog post. We’ve had a busy day and I’m so happy! We did brunch at the hotel on the big base (delicious!) and then took a friend out to Insadong for some shopping and exploring (fun!). Penny fell asleep in Brandon’s arms on the way home (sweet!). Then grocery shopping, park play, and back home [Continue Reading…]

Losing my only child


The days are growing short before this new baby comes into our lives. It feels different this time, which I understand is normal the second go-around. I have different expectations and I’m approaching birth and motherhood with a bit more experience and patience. I’ve been-there-done-that, and even though I’m still concerned about the typical early-motherhood concerns (lack of sleep, balancing a new member in the family, etc.), I’m not as worried as last time. I have Penny to thank for that. Penny, my Penny, the girl who made me a [Continue Reading…]

Oh, hi there

Is April almost done? How did that even happen? Actually, I know how… the days fly by sometimes when Brandon is gone. I try to occupy my time as best as possible and I think I did pretty well. Goodness knows it was hard this time around, harder than I thought it would be. That third trimester solo parenting is not for the faint of heart. I was/am exhausted from dawn until dusk, and I was counting down the days until Brandon was coming home to at least offer a [Continue Reading…]

VBAC lies your doctor might tell you


This got a little heated for awhile, and sent to a couple groups to be bashed (haters gonna hate). I’m just going to put the disclaimer at the top now… DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. These facts are taken from studies, research and experience, but you should definitely consider a trusted medical professional before a blog post. My intent is to inform and encourage advocacy! I also removed the post for a day so I could regroup and reword some of the things I meant to say. So [Continue Reading…]

I had a baby, but I didn’t give birth {cesarean thoughts}


As you well know by now, Penny was born via cesarean due to breech presentation. I don’t have any regrets over her birth. I feel as though we were in as much control as we could be; we were informed about every decision we made in the week between when we found out her positioning to when I went into labor. Though I feel a disappointment in the missing opportunity of the birth I had hoped for for her, I know now that this was just how it was meant [Continue Reading…]

Why I’m Banning Social Media During Labor

Dear friends and family, I’m not telling you when I’m in labor. I know it’s a controversial statement, but I thought I would put it out there now, so the expectations were set. It didn’t take too much thinking, and honestly, this has been my stance from the beginning. I’m only going to be telling a few select people that I’m in labor. Everyone else will be getting a phone call or text message when the baby is out, we’ve rested, and he has a name. But why? Because my [Continue Reading…]

Thailand Rewind: Beach, beaches.


Alright, back to rewinds. So, from Cambodia we hopped a flight to Bangkok (quickest flight ever) with a bit of a layover, and then we jetted off to Phuket (pronounced like Poo-ket, you weirdos.) After all that trekking through temples in the humidity and heat, we needed some beach and pool time! And that’s what we did the majority of the time. We had a lot of busy days touring the island and surrounding areas, taking boat rides, driving here and there, visiting and exploring. But when we were at [Continue Reading…]

The best birthday that ever was!


I only had a few requests for my birthday. 1. I didn’t want to cook anything. 2. I wanted an ice cream cake. 3. I wanted Thai food. So, seeing as all of that happened, it was a good day in general. But I went to sleep that night with happiness in my heart, thankful for another great day and great year with some of my favorite people. First, Easter. Every few years, my birthday is on Easter weekend. That Saturday, my birthday, was the Easter egg hunt on base, and [Continue Reading…]