I guess I like September 18th


On a chilly September 18th morning in 1989, my little sister was born. I was about two and a half so I probably didn’t care, though I do remember in my younger years crying because she wouldn’t stop crying and oh my goodness shut the baby up what is wrong with her? Actually, I spent many years saying that. We shared a room until we moved to Colorado when I was 12. I hated it. We had our differences in personality… and it never went well. But hey, she’s my [Continue Reading...]

52 Week Project: Weeks 29-32

August 22 - Penny loves her new ballet outfit.

Once, I wrote that Sundays are the worst. I would agree with myself still, because they can be, but I wanted to add a couple things to the list. Long weekends are the worst. Especially TWO long weekends in a row. Like, what the heck? First Labor Day weekend, where everyone got to enjoy their husbands for four whole days, while mine barely talked to me because he was living it up in Colorado with his family. Once we got through that, I headed into another long weekend thanks to a [Continue Reading...]

Penny’s Preschool


Penny started preschool last Thursday and I got some questions about it. I promised to write a blog post, so here you go. Where did you decide to send her?! Good question! If you remember a couple months ago I was wrestling with the idea of preschool or getting a nanny. Honestly, I have a rather rough time when Brandon’s gone. It’s just difficult to be on parenting duty 24/7 and I am exhausted, mentally and physically, by the end of the day. It might be easier with a different [Continue Reading...]

A Tale of Two Fixes: Why I’m quitting Stitch Fix


I got my first Stitch Fix box in early June. I was so so excited because of the awesome reviews from everyone who has done it! After receiving the package and trying it all on, I declared that I was “hooked” on it… and I was. I thought it was so fun! I ended up keeping two shirts, and wished I could keep the pants if only they had fit right. I eagerly awaited my next box in early August. When I got it, I was just as excited… until [Continue Reading...]

Weaning & PPD


I have been feeling extra depressed, anxious and moody lately. Unusually so. At first, I swore I was pregnant – that could be the only reason for these crazy mood swings. When that was evidently not so, I focused on other things. Maybe it was because Brandon was gone and his promised two-week trip became an over four-week trip. Maybe it was the extra energy my child seemed to get from thin air. Maybe it was work stress. Maybe it was my diet. Maybe this, maybe that. But I was [Continue Reading...]

Suwon Fortress (Third time’s a charm!)


You’d think with all these Suwon Fortress posts (check out the first and second) that I’m in love with the place. Truthfully, I think Suwon is one of my favorite cities of Korea. It is busy but not so busy like Seoul, has tons of history, and has beautiful walking trails along the rivers. This summer it has blossomed and is so green! I love Suwon. The Fortress is no different. I’m a sucker for history; though I studied American history not Asian, I think it’s awesome to have this [Continue Reading...]

Soyosan Mountain & Jajaeam Temple


Our next adventure before Mallory left was a hike up a mountain to visit a temple tucked in the hills. I had heard about this hike up Soyosan Mountain in July, and we had plans to go before, but rain… baby… whatever. It didn’t work out. So the Friday before she left, we went! Penny didn’t join us on this one for a couple reasons. One, I wasn’t about to carry her up the entire mountain and a stroller wouldn’t do. (She’s not so fond of the Ergo anymore, so [Continue Reading...]

Bongeunsa: Temple in the City


Brandon’s sister, Mallory, just left. She hung out with us for a good 89 days (you can be in Korea for 90 days without a visa) but now she’s off to the real world – finding a job, fixing her car, and whatnot. I hope her trip was good here. I know I enjoyed having the extra company when Brandon was gone and to have the help with Penny. Because oh my goodness, it was nice to be able to leave the house at a moment’s notice. Back to the [Continue Reading...]

End of summer thoughts


I can’t believe how quickly this summer has gone. Poof! it’s August, almost September. Kids are off to school, weather should be turning cooler at some point, and a new rhythm is starting. Not here, really, since I have a toddler and our days seem much the same. Though I’m looking forward to September. Penny is starting a two-day preschool with her friends at one of my friend’s houses, giving me some much needed work time and her some social/learning time. I’m mostly doing it for me – I need the [Continue Reading...]

Depression, Anxiety, and Listening to a Friend

What can I say that is different than what others have been saying? What happened early last week sent a shock wave through all of us, I think, not because we knew him but because the act seemed to come out of nowhere and left us with so many questions. How can a man that brings such joy to others and seemed never short of a laugh choose to end his own life? But I know all too well the struggles with depression and anxiety, and when I learned he [Continue Reading...]