I’m seeing someone

It’s been hard with Brandon gone a lot. I’ve been feeling extremely lonely, even though I keep busy with friends, and extra sensitive. I’ve been feeling some highs and lots of lows. So I started seeing someone. I’m seeing a counselor. (Did I scare you?) I’m a firm believer in keeping up with mental health as well as your physical, and I’m not too good to go talk to someone when I need to. In fact, this is the third time I’ve seen a counselor in the past several years. I [Continue Reading...]

Some notes from your friendly neighborhood doula


I’m fresh off a birth and waiting any day now for another (at the time of writing this anyway). The birth was fast, loud, and I barely had time to think. I didn’t even touch my doula bag of tricks, it was that quick. I’m not complaining, though, because I got to get home by 1am and catch a few hours of sleep before the kid was ready to play! That’s life as a doula and stay-at-home mom. So on my drive home I was thinking of things I’d like [Continue Reading...]

52 Week Project: Weeks 21-24

June 29 - She was certainly not happy to take photos

Sorry (but not really) on the radio silence last week. Since there’s been no pressure to blog, I just didn’t have much to say, so I kept quiet. I’ve been busy on Instagram and Facebook, if we’re friends anyway. I have some posts planned for this week, as long as they get written! What have we been up to? We’re keeping busy!! I measure my life by Brandon’s absences it seems, and he’s been gone a whole lot since April. Like in the last two months he’s been home less [Continue Reading...]

I cut my hair short!


And there ya go. Short story: On a whim, I made an appointment for the next afternoon. On another whim, I decided then and there that I was going to cut it short. And I did. Long story: I was nervous to visit a Korean place so for the last couple haircuts (I routinely go every 3 months) I’ve just been going on base. There hasn’t been much to complain about, except that it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. When I get my hair done, I want it [Continue Reading...]

Preschool or not?

I have a dilemma, a preschool dilemma, and I need you guys to be a sounding board. Ready? We still have plans to homeschool, but Brandon and I are coming to a realization that it might be a good idea to find a preschool or something for Penny, for a few reasons. One: It’s been pretty hard on me when Brandon is gone. Most of the wives here have a nanny who comes once or twice a week so they get a break. This schedule is very unforgiving. Two: When I [Continue Reading...]

Some things you might not know…


…and some things you might! – I can eat my weight in poppyseed dressing. I make salads just so I can put it on there. I should figure out how to make my own that doesn’t have bad oils in it… but right now, I’ll just use the stuff from the store. It’s delicious. – I could put sriracha on EVERYTHING. Brandon and I have a problem. Tell me one thing that it’s not good on, I dare you. – I don’t eat fast food… except for Popeye’s. Gosh, there’s [Continue Reading...]

How do you say “alternator” in Korean?

Today has been a day. (Thursday, that is.) Penny rolled out of bed at 5:45 and pattered down to her room. I know it was 5:45 because I groaned and grabbed my phone. She shut her door and was quiet, so I dozed a bit, and then started thinking about all the awful things that could happen to her. Instead, I heard princess castle sounds, and then ten minutes later her door opened and she announced, “Mom! I pooped!” Good morning, world. Our plan for the day: Attend a doula [Continue Reading...]

My Spirited Child


This past Saturday we had a visitor over; Penny’s little boyfriend came to play for ten hour straight while his parents did a tour. I thought, “Wonderful! A friend to keep Penny busy all day! We will have such fun!” And we did, in the morning anyway. Penny grew tired quickly and I shuffled her off to an early nap while her friend watched a movie in peace. When she woke up, though, it was no very pleasant. The whole afternoon was tough to get through with tantrums, crying, fits, whining… [Continue Reading...]

How to Potty Train your Toddler in One Month… or Longer


This post is about potty training. The words “poop” and “pee” and “poopmergency” will probably be mentioned more than once. I will be talking about naked baby butts and accidents and, well, potties. But luckily, there will be no potty shots! I’m cool like that. You’ve been warned. The Friday before Mother’s Day, something strange happened: Penny went pee on the potty without me prompting. She was naked and she went, just like that. I’ve had this potty since she was seven months old (we did some elimination communication back [Continue Reading...]

When Home isn’t Home anymore

“Where’s home to you?” A conversation sometimes starts. I think about it for a moment. Right now, home is the 8th floor of a high rise just south of one of the biggest cities in the world. But I know what they’re really asking – where are you from? That’s a million dollar question, since I was born in a different country but grew up in Denver. Neither of those responses feels right though, so I usually say… “Colorado, of course!” Nowadays, that doesn’t exactly feel right. I have a friend [Continue Reading...]