Thomas Henry: A VBAC Birth Story


If I had one word to describe this whole experience, it would be, patience. Patience, because he was born at 41 weeks and 1 day. Patience, because I was in early labor for 60 hours. Patience, because he didn’t get to come home right away with us and spent extra nights at the NICU. Here is Thomas’s birth story.   On Friday, June 26th, I woke up at 2:30am to some early labor contractions. They felt different from the Braxton Hicks I would get during the night. Sort of period-like cramps in [Continue Reading…]

Thomas Henry: An Announcement & NICU Update


Introducing… Thomas Henry Born June 28, 2015 at 6:44pm 8lbs 10oz, 21.5 inches I’ll post the full birth story in a day or two. Now comes the hard part: After six hours together, Thomas was whisked away to the nearest NICU because of concern over his breathing patterns. So instead of cuddling all night, breastfeeding when we could, and getting to know this new little (or slightly bigger than I expected!) guy, we spent the night alone while he stayed at the NICU at a totally different hospital. I couldn’t [Continue Reading…]

Happy Father’s Day!


 Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and Happy Father’s Day to my Brandon! He’s been so much more than I could ever ask for in a dad for our Penny, and this baby that I was hoping would be here to celebrate Father’s Day, but is still comfy inside my belly! This guy is a hard-worker, a playful fun guy, and perfect for what our kids need. I really couldn’t ask for more! <3

In which I’ll be pregnant forever…


It sure feels like it anyway. I know pregnancy ends, one way or another. I mean, I’m a freaking doula. You can’t get things past me. I know all the natural induction techniques — will people stop telling me to have sex with my husband? Nope. I know what to expect after the birth — my places are going to hurt, I got it. In the past two days, I’ve had ten people ask me “Where’s the baby?!” and “Are you ready?!” I know everyone means well, because they’re excited, and we [Continue Reading…]

June is Baby Month!


The clothes are washed and put away. Diapers prepped. Crib put together. Carseat all set up, just waiting to be installed. Hospital bags are half-packed, but there isn’t much left. My to-do list is growing thinner. Anticipation. That’s how I feel these days. But the feeling is a good anticipation, an excited anticipation. Back in October, when we found out that this baby was growing in my belly, June felt like a far off time. Like it didn’t even exist. Then the holidays passed, the year turned to 2015, we [Continue Reading…]

What’s the point of marriage anyway?

DSC_1181 ed

I realized something the other day: Brandon is one of the only ones that I can maintain eye contact with. It’s a quirk of mine that I’ve noticed more and more as I get older. When I have conversations with people, even close friends, I have trouble maintaining eye contact. Except with him. I can look into his whiskey-colored eyes and hold them until one of us is forced to blink. I’m not uncomfortable, not unsure, not intimidated. Not with him. But maybe that’s how it is after nine years [Continue Reading…]

Everyone thinks their kid is amazing, right?


Apparently, what I’ve been doing Penny’s whole life is a parenting “thing.” You know, something an expert touts, that you should be doing because others are doing something they shouldn’t and are stunting their development. Or something. But apparently, what I do is a “thing.” What do I do? I let Penny be adventurous. I always have. I haven’t really ever been a “helicopter parent” when it comes to letting her do her thing. Not that that is bad, if that’s what you’re comfortable with. I just recognized early on that this [Continue Reading…]

#finalcountdown (and other things)

Here’s your random blog post for the week: 1. New hashtag for this month is #finalcountdown because it’s May 20 and I’m due June 20. That’s just one month, but who’s counting? Not that due dates mean anything. It’s just nice to have a date to look forward to. I know it’s a very accurate date, so I would expect him to arrive around then. I actually think he might come before the actual due date (though hopefully not too early!) I’m thinking anywhere June 15-21. That’s my baby week! 2. [Continue Reading…]

The days are long, but the years are short


I’m getting to that last month of pregnancy and I’m feeling it. I’ve been feeling it for the past few weeks, really. I just hit this pregnancy wall. I’m tired all the dang time. My joints and back hurt, no matter the stretches or rest periods or sleep. Speaking of sleep, it doesn’t help much. I’m just uncomfortable. My belly is sticking out further than I ever imagined, and it still has room to grow. Sometimes, it feels like the baby is going to push his foot straight out the [Continue Reading…]

Maternity & Family Photos!


Happy Mother’s Day! How was yours? It’s still Mother’s Day here as I’m writing this, but I’m taking advantage of the quiet house as my husband took Penny down to the park, and getting out this blog post. We’ve had a busy day and I’m so happy! We did brunch at the hotel on the big base (delicious!) and then took a friend out to Insadong for some shopping and exploring (fun!). Penny fell asleep in Brandon’s arms on the way home (sweet!). Then grocery shopping, park play, and back home [Continue Reading…]