Stitch Fix – I’m back, and I’m happy.


  I tried Stitch Fix last year and, well, it didn’t work out so well. Long story short: My first fix went alright, I was pretty pleased. Then they changed my stylist, and my next fix just sucked. So I told them my issue, and they gladly sent me a replacement. Great customer service. Except my stylist still had no clue what was what, and it was a dud. So I quit. I said, never again! Never say never, right? A year later, I was sort of getting the itch to [Continue Reading…]

Penny Starts Preschool


Penny started preschool today. I refuse to feel guilty. I refuse to feel sad. I really don’t feel sad about having her there, though I do feel a bit lost with so much time and quiet in the house. I have felt a fair amount of guilt. It seems every major parenting decision comes with its fair share of guilt. Am I doing the right thing? Is it good for her? Is it good for me? I know she’s only three, going on four. I know that we have always said [Continue Reading…]



  …procrastinating. Didn’t I say I was going to blog more? Except now I have two babies to deal with, and either Penny isn’t napping so I can’t use that time (she’s napping now HALLELUJAH) or I’m dealing with Thomas (lots of cuddles) or it’s nighttime and everyone is asleep and, well, I’d rather just read or take a bath. Wow, longest run-on sentence ever. Anyway, I’m just apologizing to you guys. Once I start getting into a rhythm, things will be organized. Otherwise, whatevs. …excited for Penny to start school. [Continue Reading…]

Summer of Missed Routines


I feel all out of sorts this summer. I spent all of June waiting for a baby and have spent all of July taking care of this baby. We’re figuring out our new family and, while I love it, it’s making me feel uncomfortable and anxious. I’m a person who sticks to habits and doesn’t change them easily. Not easily at all. I think that’s where my occasional anxiety is coming from. I’m trying my best to appreciate the flow of life, to know that we will settle into our [Continue Reading…]

Thomas – One Month


  Thomas is one month! Time sure has flown this month. We’ve been so busy since he was born! First, we spent a week driving to and from the NICU. Once he was home, we had paperwork to do (thanks, Army!) and places to be, and I had healing to do. Before we knew it, Brandon was back at work and I was fending for myself with two kids. It was rough. (I kid, I kid, it’s actually been a breeze!) July has been good to us. Thomas has been [Continue Reading…]

Thomas – Newborn Photos


We got Thomas’s newborn photos done a couple weeks after he was born. It was me, Penny and Thomas, the photographer and her housekeeper, crammed into a scorching hot apartment taking photos for a few hours. When I say hot, I mean HOT; there was a heat advisory that day! Yikes. You know how newborn photos are usually taken in warm rooms anyway, to keep the babies happy and sleepy. Well, Thomas doesn’t do well in the heat. He’s hot-natured and overheats QUICK. He was fussy and difficult until we [Continue Reading…]

State of the Household

I’ve been meaning to sit down for days, weeks, to write up a blog post since I posted Thomas’s birth story. I have so many ideas running through my mind. Well, the days get away from me. If we aren’t running from this activity or to that place, we’re hanging out at home, and I’m taking the quiet times I get to actually be quiet. Watch TV. Listen to a podcast. Take a bath. July is the month of ME. But anyway, I wanted to get some thoughts out, and [Continue Reading…]

Thomas Henry: A VBAC Birth Story


If I had one word to describe this whole experience, it would be, patience. Patience, because he was born at 41 weeks and 1 day. Patience, because I was in early labor for 60 hours. Patience, because he didn’t get to come home right away with us and spent extra nights at the NICU. Here is Thomas’s birth story.   On Friday, June 26th, I woke up at 2:30am to some early labor contractions. They felt different from the Braxton Hicks I would get during the night. Sort of period-like cramps in [Continue Reading…]

Thomas Henry: An Announcement & NICU Update


Introducing… Thomas Henry Born June 28, 2015 at 6:44pm 8lbs 10oz, 21.5 inches I’ll post the full birth story in a day or two. Now comes the hard part: After six hours together, Thomas was whisked away to the nearest NICU because of concern over his breathing patterns. So instead of cuddling all night, breastfeeding when we could, and getting to know this new little (or slightly bigger than I expected!) guy, we spent the night alone while he stayed at the NICU at a totally different hospital. I couldn’t [Continue Reading…]

Happy Father’s Day!


 Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and Happy Father’s Day to my Brandon! He’s been so much more than I could ever ask for in a dad for our Penny, and this baby that I was hoping would be here to celebrate Father’s Day, but is still comfy inside my belly! This guy is a hard-worker, a playful fun guy, and perfect for what our kids need. I really couldn’t ask for more! <3