I need a vacation

Have you ever wanted to just throw your computer against the wall? Not because it’s broken, but because you’re just tired of seeing it? I think I’m at that point. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting lately, coming off of that funk I was feeling a month or so back. I’m probably spending too much time analyzing, but it’s my nature. I want to know why I’m feeling a certain way, and what I can do to fix it. I’m also not trying to force anything to happen. I’m letting myself [Continue Reading...]

It’s hard for him too

It’s not a secret that Brandon’s job here keeps him away often. He leaves for days, weeks, at a time, flying to exotic locations that I might ever get to see. He’s shuttling people and things all over Asia, and doing a fine job at it too. It is a tiring but exciting job for him. One, he’s getting to see some awesome places. Two, he’s racking up the flight time on his record, always a plus for a pilot. Three, he’s doing what he loves. But it’s hard for [Continue Reading...]

Introducing Kaity from Beeautiful Blessings!


Happy Monday!! How was your weekend?! Today I’m happy to introduce a lovely lady named Kaity who hangs around her blog, Beeautiful Blessings. She’s pretty cool to follow and read her adventures through life. I am recently impressed by her social media fast and her decision to drop Facebook – wow! You should head to her blog and see what she had to say about that! And read our little interview below too! Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram You’re new around here — tell us about yourself. Well, [Continue Reading...]

9 Tips to take a (Decent) Instagram Photo


Let me say something right off the bat: I’m not Instagram expert. I don’t take awesome photos all the time, most of the time really. I take some downright crappy IG photos. But sometimes I get those special gems that really mean something, and I think I’ve hit on something. But seriously, don’t expect me to be one of those real pretty IGers that have the beautiful photos all the time. I even scroll through their feeds and get jealous. I’m just a real person with real photos that are [Continue Reading...]

If I won a million dollars… (& more Finish This)


I don’t usually do these type of link-ups because I can never get it together in time. But I liked the questions and thought, why not? It’ll give me a reason to blog anyway! Today marks Penny’s 28-monthiversary. I don’t try to count after two… but heck, 28 months? This is my THIRD April with her, and my FOURTH April since I got pregnant. Wowzers. Anyway, how’s your April going? How about this week? We’ve been keeping busy here, like usual! Oh, and guess what? My breastfeeding story is being [Continue Reading...]

Sundays are the worst!

This Sunday was rough. It felt like the longest day in the world. When Brandon’s gone, I have a hard time filling the hours for some reason. Probably because I don’t have him coming home to look forward to, so the hours drag on until bedtime, which is always a struggle these days, by the way. Anyway, longest day ever, for no good reason. We went on a bike ride to the park in the morning. Struggled through nap time. Spent time at the park in the afternoon. Watched a lot [Continue Reading...]

Korea Things v.3


Happy Friday! I haven’t done one of these posts since, oh, January. I like random posts because I’m feeling pretty random these days. Let’s get to it! – First, let’s talk about how we watch TV. We’re big Netflix people and didn’t want moving to a foreign country to stop us. If you know anything about the internet, certain sites aren’t available in certain countries, such as Netflix. American site = only in America. Sad day. UNLESS you have something called a VPN or Smart DNS. Our favorite is Smarty [Continue Reading...]

Through My Eyes


I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. I wish I could convey to you right now the feeling I get when I look at you. Sometimes, when I hear your laugh, I want to burst into happy tears. I’ve never felt such strong emotions wash over me than in those moments. The first time I heard you laugh, when you were an itty baby, I did cry. Now that feeling surprises me at the strangest moments, but I welcome it. I wish I could tell you how proud [Continue Reading...]

52 Week Project: Weeks 9-12

March 9 - She's so cute!

I look forward to Sunday mornings when I can pick out a certain outfit for Penny, bring her to the front room with the best light, and take a whole bunch of photos and capture those special moments. Already in the last 12 weeks I’ve seen her grown and change! The most notable change this time is her haircut – halfway through, I brought her in and got a few inches cut off. It’s much cleaner and easier to manage right now. Shout out to Brandon who helps me every [Continue Reading...]

Couldn’t ask for a better birthday!


So 27… so far, so good! Seeing as I’ve been telling people I’m 27 for the last year (I don’t know why my brain skipped over 26) I don’t have much to complain about. I always look forward to birthdays, though maybe ask me when I’m 60 about how I feel. Yikes. I had the best birthday a girl could ask for! I was surrounded by friends and family, experienced so much in the past week, and overall it was just a happy time. I like that I can say [Continue Reading...]