Scattered Seashells

Scattered Seashells

Looking for a place where you can easily post any of your random thoughts? Or do you simply want to read blogs from other people and interact with them? If so, then Scattered Seashells is the perfect website for you!

We often have those days where we have so many thoughts that cannot be shared through social media and other people. Sometimes, we look for a place where we can talk to people and let out anything we want to share and say. But other than that, we also crave for something fun to read and see so we tend to read random books from our garage doors in Texas. If not physical books, we find websites and applications where we can freely download e-books or be short stories, blogs or anything that we can read to kill time.

Here in Scattered Seashells, anyone is free to create an account and post blogs. Everyone can share their thoughts, food trips and even their escapades. It’s like a free blog made for everyone who doesn’t have their own. You don’t need to create your own website anymore just to have your own blog. Scattered Seashells only recommend you to create an account and it’s already good as having your own website.

By signing up, you will have your own account and it allows you to post anything you want. Most bloggers post about their creative writing such as fictional and short stories, poetry but they often post about their own life as well. They can easily post their everyday life, their shopping hauls, anything about beauty products, clothes, food and places. We made this website mostly for those who simply want to write or share anything they want without having the trouble of creating their own website and blog.

Here, everyone can interact since many people use the same website and share their lives by the help of our page.

It’s also free for anyone who just wants to read anything whenever they are bored. Readers can choose if they want to simply read or if they also want to create an account and participate in the comments, forums and interact with many other people. If you are not signed up, you will only be able to read blogs and posts from other people but if you are, you are able to do anything you want. You can read, comment, message others and even post something if ever you want to.

We mainly created this website for fun and we suggest people should start using it and interact with others. You can simply choose if you want to be a blogger or a reader! It’s your chance to share everything that you’ve been wanting to share to many people. Go ahead and enjoy the place where you can freely post any of your thoughts, feelings and even experiences. Through the years, people only have good reviews about our website, loving the free services that we offer. We hope that you will too.