Measles, the Anti-Vax Debate, and My Fear


About once a year I feel the need to write a post about vaccines. It isn’t a hot button issue in our house anymore. We did our research when I was pregnant with Penny, oh four years ago, and made our decision. We periodically reevaluate the decision as our situation changes. But given the recent measles outbreak that spawned an outbreak of its own on social media, as more and more people get involved and share articles, I felt the need to say a few words. There are big words [Continue Reading…]

{Second Pregnancy} Hey, Halfway!


I’ll be 20 weeks this Saturday, so I thought a pregnancy update was in order! Here we go, I’ll elaborate after the quick rundown: How far along: 19 weeks 6 days Baby’s size: 6.5in, 10.5oz Clothing: Maternity tops, leggings, and anything comfy! Jackets are getting tight. Gender: It’s a BOY! Physically: Feeling great. Learning I have limitations now. Mentally: Feeling great as well! Excited for this baby boy. Emotionally: Ah the hormones. Things can get to me easy. Let’s say heightened-PMS. But truly, it’s not that bad. Everything they say about second pregnancies is so [Continue Reading…]

52 Week Project: Weeks 45-48

December 28 - Sometimes she allows pigtails!

Technically I should be done with this project by now. I took the first photo on January 12, 2014, but it seems like I will be ending at the end of February because of some missed weeks. Will I continue? The short answer: Maybe. The long answer: Maaaaybe. Most weeks, it isn’t very fun trying to wrangle the kid, get her dressed, take a photo, and then give her some candy as a reward (because I’m that sort of mom!) I think, in the future, I will choose a better [Continue Reading…]

The Benefits of a Small Base

We’re stationed at a small base. No, make that tiny base. We’re talking one single road that’s maybe a mile long from end to end, a commissary the size of my living room with three aisles filled with the essentials, a “PX” that’s really a Shopette, and two long airfields for the real stars — the aircraft. There’s one gate in and one gate out. There is no on-post housing for families, only barracks for the single/unaccompanied soldiers, and the library is so small you have to request most of your [Continue Reading…]

Penny and the Terrible Threes


I’ve been throwing around the word threenager a lot these days. I knew the day was coming because I had heard all sorts of stories about how three was much more challenging than two. Penny was a great two-year-old; I would never describe that time as terrible. I knew I had it in me when she turned three though! It was like a flip switched this past week. I mostly blamed Brandon being gone, which I’m sure partly had to do with this behavior, but I think we’ve entered it: We have [Continue Reading…]

The Differences Between the First and Second Pregnancies (17 weeks)


January is pregnancy month on Scattered Seashells! #sorrynotsorry #myblogmyrules Obviously, it’s been occupying my mind a lot, especially since we found out we’re having a boy. My mind is wheeling between baby gear we need, baby names we’re contemplating, and then making a giant leap to, which resort will we be staying at in Thailand? And then, was that a kick I just felt? I’m all over the place. The other night I was reflecting on how easy this pregnancy has been going for me and thinking maybe I missed [Continue Reading…]

It’s a…


I’ll spare you the suspense. It’s a BOY! Whoa! What happened?! So on Tuesday we were at my sixteen week appointment, chatting it up with the stand-in doctor and the translator (gotta love Korea; they were so nice though) when, at the end of the appointment, they ask, “Want to find out the gender today? With a free ultrasound?”** Uh, sure! I asked Brandon if he was ready, heck, was I even ready? And off we went. **I’m pretty sure they give me things and treat me special because I’m [Continue Reading…]

I’m excited about giving birth

I’m excited about giving birth. Though ask me again how I feel about it in 24 weeks… But seriously, I am. I was all geared up even before I got pregnant, and then when that happened, I knew I finally had the opportunity to make it happen. With Penny, I was excited about the prospects of having a natural birth, and I had planned as best I could for the event. But then she turned breech and that flew out the window. I’m not upset over her cesarean, but I [Continue Reading…]

The Busiest Christmas Week That Ever Was


Christmas recaps are boring, right? Who wants to read about what your family did/got? I usually skip over them (sorry, blog world.) So I won’t blame you if you skip over this. I just want to remember stuff! Oh, and Happy New Year! By the time most of you will be reading this, it’ll be 2015 in Korea. I’m 99.9% sure I didn’t stay up, but I’ll let you know. Pregnant + morning person = no fun on New Years. Anyway! Christmas happened! It flew by, but goodness, that week [Continue Reading…]

2014: The Year of the Doula


I’m just coming off of my last birth of 2014. It was a fast birth, which I am always grateful for, though most grateful today because of the pregnancy. It’s just been wearing me down more easily. I wasn’t expecting to see this couple for another week, but I got a call at 12:30am saying she was probably in labor, and then at 3am the father called to inform me that her water broke. They called me when they arrived at the hospital with an update: 9cm! I rushed up, [Continue Reading…]