{Second Pregnancy} Second Trimester Recap!

26ish weeks

I just tip-toed my way into the third trimester this past weekend (hello 28 weeks!) so I thought it was time for another uppppdaaaate. How far along: 28 weeks 2 days Baby’s size: 14in, 2.5lbs Clothing: Leggings please, no full panels for this girl. Cardigans that won’t button. Maternity shirts. Gender: It’s a BOY! Physically: I’m feeling kind of big these days… Mentally: Kind of forgetting that I only have 12 weeks left :/ Emotionally: Great actually! Let’s go backwards on this… I have been so much more emotionally stable this pregnancy than I was with [Continue Reading…]

Cambodia Rewind: Bayon & Banteay Srei


Our second day in Cambodia, we were picked up at 9am and spent all morning visiting temples. Our first temple was actually a 38km drive out, so we got to enjoy the Cambodian countryside and scenery. It is such a beautiful country. Terribly poor, and you could tell, but the people were genuine and happy. I think I could’ve spent a week there traveling around! We stopped first at Bayon temple. It was amazing. Our favorite out of all the ones we saw! It is old, you just feel like you’re [Continue Reading…]

Cambodia Rewind: Ta Prohm


Yesterday, I chatted about Angkor Wat, but that wasn’t the end of our day! First, we had a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. It was fantastic! The food in Cambodia and Thailand was just top notch, and we never got sick of it. And… we never got sick. I’ll post about some health strategies later on. On our way to visit Ta Prohm, the famous Tomb Raider temple, we stopped at a smaller temple called Pravat Kravan. It’s made completely of pale bricks, with several rooms for shrines. I [Continue Reading…]

Cambodia Rewind: Angkor Wat


Whoa! It’s been a month since I blogged! Half of that was spent on an amazing trip to Cambodia & Thailand, and the rest I’ve just been trying to catch up on life. I’ve been busy since we got back a week and a half ago. But I thought I best get writing these recaps before I forget everything! Here’s what our itinerary looked like: We traveled with another family, our friends who have a son the same age as Penny. We booked a private tour for Cambodia for two packed [Continue Reading…]

I think we’re homesick

Brandon and I have been talking about the States lately. I think it was just inevitable, 15 months into this 3 year tour. Work has been draining, routines have become routine, and we’re really settled into this Korean life of ours, so we’re looking toward the future, like what duty station we might put in for next. No idea. We have a great life here, don’t get me wrong. We have wonderful friends, plenty of activities to go to, and one of the world’s biggest cities to explore. We’ve developed a [Continue Reading…]

What’s in a name?

You know what? Sometimes, I’m a bit jealous of people who have their baby named right away. Like, they go into that anatomy scan and they know they will be having a John or a Jane, and that’s that! They start calling that baby by its name, they can get personalized gear, and when the baby is born, that’s one less thing to worry about. I just can’t do it though. Neither of us can! We came pretty close to having a name with Penny… and it wasn’t Penny. She [Continue Reading…]

Breech Baby? or, Why I’m never giving birth at an Army hospital again.

He looks like his Daddy ;)

I’m coming off of the big anatomy scan today. It didn’t feel as momentous as it did with Penny, simply because we already knew what sex the baby is. It’s still a boy! Phew. It was pretty cool to see his little fists balled up by his chest, count his little fingers, see his little feet, check out his organs and whatnot. He’s a cute little thing… as much as I can tell in black and white anyway. The thing I was most curious about was his positioning. Penny was [Continue Reading…]

How to Become Mayor in One Easy Step

Answer: Volunteer. SO! I was at our base’s town hall meeting on Tuesday evening. We had tried to rally the troops for some specific issues we wanted resolved on our tiny post. Only six spouses showed up. There we were, sitting in the front row, armed with our clipboards and our notepads, surrounded by a bunch of soldiers and department heads, ready to say our piece. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on saying much. But then the panel started running through the issues they were going to cover. I started asking [Continue Reading…]

Extrovert vs the Introvert


It’s funny how you have no idea what you’re kid will be like when they’re born, and then as each month passes, you get little tidbits of their personality. She likes her toys a certain way. She likes to wear only this color. She prefers to be disciplined in this manner. I can see my little three year old as she might be as a teenager sometimes. And you know, Penny may look like me, but her personality is every bit her Daddy’s. Except maybe her focus, or lack thereof… that’s [Continue Reading…]

Penny’s Birth Story, Three Years Later

Read the original birth story! Today, I’m linking up with Jessica Lynn Writes and sharing my birth story! She is having a baby any day now and wants to read all the stories. I thought, this is a good opportunity to rehash what happened, especially as every day brings us closer to this next baby coming into the world. Penny’s birth story starts a couple weeks ahead, in early December. The plan was to have an all-natural birth. Brandon and I had taken the Bradley classes, read all the books, [Continue Reading…]